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Developers Selected These Top Tech Downloads:

1. Nine Tips to Parallel Programming Heaven—Get to multicore performance faster by avoiding the most common programming pitfalls identified by experts.
2. Developing Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Tablets (English | Chinese)—Discover recent advances in processors, connectivity, UIs, application ecosystems, and more in the newest
tablet platform.

3. Easy Performance Boost with Unthreaded Apps—See how recompiling even a single file may yield a surprising performance boost in serial and parallel apps.
4. Java* Developer Guide—These expert tips help you use the new Java SDK and the Intel AppUpSM developer program to storm worldwide markets.
5. Intel® HD Graphics DirectX Developers Guide—Optimize interactive 3D graphics apps using tips, examples, and best practices in this step-by-step manual.
6. The Parallel Universe Magazine #6 (English | French | German)—In-depth articles help you choose parallel programming tools and models to build performance into your apps.

IT Pros Selected These Top Tech Downloads:

1. Intel® Active Management Technology Start Here Guide—Learn about manageability features in a SDK toolset to accelerate remote management and security of out-of-band PCs.
2. Terabyte-Class Transactional Processing—See this IBM-Intel solution which achieves 17,750 transactions per second1 on a popular benchmark for XML database transactions.
3. Microsoft Cloud Builder Reference Design—Build your flexible private cloud with detailed scripts, test configurations, and step-by-step methodology.
4. Enhanced Cloud Security: HyTrust + VMware—Combine virtualization and a security appliance for a top-to-bottom "chain of trust" in this reference architecture example.
5. User Virtual Desktop Experience Comparison—Review test results with advanced multimedia workloads to learn which platform provides the optimal experience.
6. Citrix Multi-Tenant Data Centers—Get a roadmap for running numerous virtualized instances with multi-service, multi-tenant support on a new network appliance.
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1. Intel Xeon processor series E7-4870 with four processors, 30MB cache per processor, 40 cores at 2.4 GHz, driving Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs). For more information on Intel processor performance and benchmarks, visit

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